My GDPR visit to the InfoSecurity exhibition 2017

A hall in the Jaarbeurs full of solutions for ICT Security, GDPR, mal & ransomware security.

Lately it strikes me that almost every supplier at the cutting edge of the ICT infrastructure and Business Applications is working on the subject GDPR. The awareness that proper security is needed to prevent data leaks is starting to grow. Also with the SME enterpreneurs.

My visit to the InfoSecurity exhibition at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht confirmed my observation. The fair is visited by ICT decision makers and employees.

The awareness of security in relation to GDPR is growing. How to take the right steps to arrive at a fully equipped process is what companies and data protection officers are looking for. And that must be ready before the 25th of May 2018.
The stands at the InfoSecurity trade show are mainly populated by the major players in the ICT and / or Security industry. They capture the most attention with large, striking stands, tasty snacks and drinks, entertainment and interesting speakers and workshops. The smaller specialists are on the outskirts with smaller stands and have to make more effort to capture potential prospects with their distinctive story.

My favorite stand was that of Computable. Called “Future Lab”. This collection of innovative companies and start-ups presented innovations that we can use in the near future or even tomorrow.

Microsoft announced the launch of the Hololens in the Netherlands this week. Ettu let visitors of the future lab experience the Hololens live. The company WEM has developed an application platform with which you can easily develop software applications. Without the need for programming competencies. If you can analyze a business process then you are able to build an application. Very interesting and progressive.

BitSensor is a start-up with security software for web applications and can integrate with CMS systems. Sitegeny makes a full website within 5 minutes of your Facebook content. By default they link with Google calendar. Customers of restaurants, hairdressers, car companies and / or nail studios can easily make an appointment via the website and book a table. And all of that for 17.50 per month.

I also visited the stand of Motiv ICT Security. There, through virtual reality, I experienced the pain of causing a data breach. Even as the person responsible for the ICT infrastructure. And believe me, the devil is in the details.

And finally I was at HP inc where visitors could do a quiz with 8 questions about printer security. The number 1 tip is not to forget the print infrastructure when setting up GDPR. A tip that I naturally agree with wholeheartedly.

Go to my youtube channel to see the video of my visit to the InfoSecurity exhibition;

Vlog 10 InfoSecurity Fair 2017

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