Xerox Channel Digital Marketing Days at the Uxbridge UK Innovation Center.

In the winter month of November, Xerox organized a two-day Marketing event for its resellers. For the first time in 28 years I have seen that resellers from traditional Europe and resellers from the Developing Markets Organization have been merged. An interesting mix of business and cultural experiences. For me, in any case, worth repeating.

The event started on Tuesday morning. Participants arrived the night before and that same morning. London offers many airports where you can land. Although Heathrow offers the shortest route to the European headquarters of Xerox in Uxbridge.

The agenda was a good mix of Xerox speakers and guest speakers. The speakers gave the participants a good insight into the changing world of digital & content marketing. The speakers represented companies such as Tie Kinetix, Riff, Termolo software and marketing automation expert Hubspot. Coincidence or not, but a number of companies have their roots in the Netherlands and marketing was quickly labeled as the “Dutch Maffia” …

Xerox presenters did spend plenty of time on the largest Xerox product launch of all time. 29 new Xerox printers and multifunctional devices in the series Altalink and Versalink. With the big Xerox differentiator “the Xerox ConnectKey platform”. A platform which offers channel partners to develop apps. And integrate the Xerox devices into business processes of their customers.

Tie ~Kinetix presenter Emile van de Klok started with a quiz with the legendary question; “which country invented the Croissant”. Do you know the answer? No! Google it and be surprised.  The answers were given by raising  hands. For Emile a perfect setting for a selfie. As a promise to his daughter.

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The experts shared experiences and marketing insights. I have put a number of interesting conclusions at a glance;

– Buyer personas are out, intent is in.
– The customer journey is key.
– By 2020, 50% of the workforce will be a millennial.
– The traditional DMU is evolving.
– The funnel is old school.
– The intent framework is based on the stages see, think, do & care.
– The importance of local presence in google search.
– Only 1% of channel marketing budgets is spend digital.
– Vendor & channel should work closer together in online marketing.
– Marketers are the ones tasked with driving growth.
– If you want to over achieve your revenue targets, start with over achieving your online traffic goals.
– The salesperson is the less trusted profession in Europe. Even below an investment banker or car salesman ….

A number of interesting trends, facts and data from research.
The evening of departure, all presentations were digitally shared with the participants.
Do you also want to receive it? Then sign up next time to participate in the Channel Marketing event. I can at least recommend it wholeheartedly.

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I would like to thank Bruno Lang and the Xerox Channel Marketing team for the perfect organization. A special thank you goes to Lesley-Anne Strachan for organizing all logistics and communication.

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Edwin Jongsma

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