Better results with blog & vlog? 3 tips from Xerox’s Andy Hill for Youtube & LinkedIn

During the Xerox Channel Digital Marketing Days, I took the opportunity to interview Andy Hill, Head of Digital Mastery from Xerox. I asked Andy what tips he has for a starting vlogger. Tips to bring my blogs & vlogs to my target group and social media connections.

Andy Hill advises the Xerox channel partners on how to better visualize their company and Xerox solutions through their website and social media channels. And that with the support of paid media campaigns. The well-proven Marketing omni channel strategy.

The three tips I got from Andy to promote my video vlogs are;



Youtube is pre-eminently the social media channel for placing video content. After Google, youtube is also the largest search engine and therefore very important in reaching your target audience. So first you place the vlog on youtube. Video content is becoming increasingly important because people prefer to watch a video rather than read a long text.

Facts about Youtube;
– On 23 April 2005 the first video was uploaded on Youtube
– Every minute 300 hours of video content is uploaded on Youtube
– 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every day
– Youtube has 30 million visitors every day
– More than 50% of the Youtube content is viewed on mobile devices




Writing a blog about the content of your video supports your campaign. Placing your blog on your website and using the right keywords promotes the findability of the content you have created. By promoting your blog through your social media channels you generate more visitors to your youtube channel and blog website. And you also have more diversity in spreading your message.

Facts about Blogging;
– 6.7 million people blogging through blogging websites
– 12 million people blogging through social networks
– 23% of the time people spend on the internet they spend it on blogs and social networks
– Blogs are the most valuable content on the internet and social media
– Websites with blogs have 434% more pages indexed by Google




With most of your business followers you are connected via the social media channel LinkedIn. On LinkedIn you can place a post based on a photo, video, text or link to a website or youtube video. Often your blog is automatically launched via a post on your social media channels via your blog website. In addition to these options, you can also place an article on your LinkedIn channel. This is a great way to provide your content with a layout with photos and videos. And so create a more professional look and feel. In addition, all articles placed by you are secured in your profile. Profile visitors can therefore easily find all your articles. And the articles also help people to find your profile. In the articles you can place links so that readers can navigate to your blog site or youtube channel. So after your blog is posted on your website, it is wise to post this blog as an article on LinkedIn after a week.

Facts about LinkedIn;

– The number of monthly active users is 106 million
– 40% of the users are active on LinkedIn every day
– Every second, 2 new members subscribe to LinkedIn
– A CEO has an average of 930 LinkedIn connections
– 41% of the millionaires use LinkedIn

The main conclusion of Andy’s tips is to use your content in multiple ways and through multiple platforms. And to reach everyone you will also have to repeat that regularly on different days and times.

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Edwin Jongsma

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