Xerox CISO, Dr. Alissa Johnson, gives two Security lessons during McAfee MPower Cyber ​​Security summit 2017 Amsterdam

In the last week of November I was invited to the McAfee MPower Cyber ​​Security 2017 summit in Amsterdam. I received the very welcome invitation from Xerox. Xerox? And McAfee? Yes! Xerox & McAfee have a security partnership for the printer, multifunctional and data protection on both types of devices. Provided the Xerox IoT device is a member of the Xerox ConnectKey family. Xerox ConnectKey devices are the first IoT devices in the world with a security solution such as McAfee integrated. Customers of McAfee, using ePolicy Orchestra, can integrate easily the Xerox ConnectKey devices in their security processes and dashboard. Reason enough to record this afternoon in a vlog.

Around noon I arrived, together with my vlog camera, in the Movenpick hotel at the passenger terminal in Amsterdam. Exactly in time for lunch. During lunch we were accompanied by Dr. Alissa Johnson, Chief Information & Security Officer of Xerox. For her employment at Xerox, Alissa Johnson worked, among other things, as Deputy CIO of the White House at the time of President Obama. In summary, Alissa Johnson is an impressive personality with a passionate story.

After lunch, Alissa Johnson was keynote speaker for the McAfee guests. Together with Christiaan Beek from McAfee, they conducted a panel discussion about “Securing IoT is not mission impossible”. In addition, Alissa Johnson indicated that the methods that hackers use are the same for every industry. Whether the hackers now break into the white house, Xerox or McAfee, they use the same method and tools everywhere. Security is therefore a fight that concerns us all and where we have to fight side by side.

Examples that she named about the security of IoT devices were about the printers and mfp’s. In addition, she told that in 2016 61% of the companies suffered a security breach due to insecure printing. Privately she gave examples of how she herself connected her oven to the internet and how she hopes on her return that her husband has connected the garage door opener so that she can open her garage from the car. She does indicate that the ease of use of IoT devices is under pressure as a result of the fact that we are overcomplicating the innovations as a result of increasing pressure on security.

Dr. Alissa Johnson concluded her story with the two lessons she learned during her impressive ‘ICT career’; “1) We all fight the same fight & 2) Governance has to drive the culture”.

Do you want to know more about the two lessons of Dr Alissa Johnson? Then watch the video.

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