2018 will be the year of the GDPR launch! (General Data Protection Regulation)

The fog of the holidays has been increased. Many New Year's drinks and kickoff are behind us. 
We can move on to the order of the day again. In short, the year has really started.

The economy is growing, unemployment is falling and a lot of time and energy is being invested in recruiting new employees. Because with this turnover growth can be realized. And many 
companies have seen the results shrink during the recession years and would like to take 
advantage of the upward spiral.

But! Yes, there is always one but. Social Media is full of messages about GDPR. And that makes sense. Because the live date of the European version of the reporting obligation data leaks is on the 25th of May this year. A 4 months to go, from publication of this blog counted.

And my feeling says that there are still many companies and organizations that have yet to 
start to become GDPR ready. And a lot of companies and organizations have started a bit or are now well on their way. There are also companies and organizations that think it will not run 
that fast.

The big question is, what will happen on the 26th of May? Will the Sherlock Holmes of the DutchData Protection Authority get out of the starting blocks? And do they attack every offender 
with a press release and a sky-high penalty? Or does the Authority, already responsible for theduty to maintain the law of reporting data leaks, have too little capacity and budget to reallybe an Authority?
Will there be a legal joust? With lots of new jurisprudence? I already see the lawyers 
specialized in GDPR rubbing their hands.

Xtandit did not take any risks. And started on time. In January 2017 we started our internal 
GDPR project. And that started with the internal appointment of an FG. A Data Protection 
Officer. We are not obliged on the basis of our service and company size. But making someone 
responsible for realizing the GDPR ready stamp and making it an ongoing process is by our 
opinion the best choice.

Frank Slager, our FG, has set up and completed a five-step plan. And in doing so, no departmentor process skipped his attention in his inventory. All suppliers and partners with whom we 
conduct business are also reviewed and assessed on the status being a sub processor. All 
persons, processes and systems have been tested for the collection and storage of privacy 
sensitive data.
Our in-house lawyer has provided Frank with advice on the background. And our insurance 
intermediary has also played an important role in advising on the right route to taking out a 
Cyber ​​security insurance.

And then Frank also has everything documented so that we can share his knowledge and experiencewith you. Frank has laid down his five steps plan and all his tips in an ebook. The ebook is 
part of our GDPR starter package. Because you also receive a number of templates that Frank hasused in his five step-by-step plan.

If you sign up for our series data leakage in the news, you will become a member of our GDPR 
community and you will receive invitations for webinars on the various topics in the five-step plan.

You don't know how to start? We are happy to share our knowledge and experiences.

Download the GDPR starter package and start today!


If you sign up for the series data leakage in the news, you will receive our blogs from the 
five-step plan and the bonus tips from Frank in the coming weeks.


We are ready for GDPR, are you?


Edwin Jongsma

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